FAQs About Our Billiards Services

FAQs About Our Billiards Services

Having been in business for a number of years, we have come across an abundance of questions from customers concerning our billiards services, pool expertise, and more. At Extreme Billiards Indy, we want to make things convenient for you. That’s why we have compiled a list of the most common questions we get asked, so you can find the answers easily.

Do You Provide Any Services Beyond Just Sales?

At Extreme Billiards Indy we don’t just sell products, we can also assist you with everything billiards related. If you need a pool table repaired, our team can help. If you are looking for a helper to move your pool table, our team is there for you. Whatever the service is, Extreme Billiards Indy can provide it.

How Can Extreme Billiards Indy Help Build My Game Room?

Though our name is centered around billiards, we are also a one-stop-shop for the best game room furniture around. From pub tables to foosball to ping pong, you can build out your ideal lounge with our help. If you want to create a theme for the room around your favorite sports team, we also have team offerings for customized tables.

What Do You Know About Billiards?

We’ve been in the billiards industry for over 25 years and our founder is a former Indiana state champion. From top to bottom our entire team loves the game, as every member of our staff is an avid player. If you have any questions at all, our whole team is equipped to help.

How Can I Improve My Table?

If you are looking for ways to enhance your playing experience beyond just repairing your pool table, we have a vast selection of billiards accessories including a glow-in-the-dark kit, table covers, and brushes. As you put your room together, explore our shop to equip yourself with the best brands to protect your game and better your game.

If you have any other questions on top of the four above, reach out to our team today! Extreme Billiards Indy is Indiana’s best source for all your game room needs, so contact us for more information regarding foosball, table tennis, and more beyond just billiards!