So you’ve decided it’s time to buy a pool table for your home or business. We think that’s swell! However, pool tables are complex pieces of furniture with many different variables for you to consider. That’s why Extreme Billiards Indy is putting together this Buyer’s Guide. This post and others will be devoted to helping you increase your pool table knowledge so that you can feel confident you are getting exactly the pool table you want when you come into our store. And of course our employees are always willing to answer any questions you may have.

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Consider the Space

When determining the size of the pool table you would like to purchase, the first step is figuring out which room the table will be going into. Make sure to take into account the kind of furniture you would like to be in the finished space and take measurements as to how much space will be available for your pool table. This is an important first step because while you may like to have an eight-foot tournament table, you may discover that you will only have room for a seven-foot table. If that is the case, it’s important to buy the size that fits the space because there is nothing fun about constantly bumping your cue into the wall when trying to line up your shots. Below is the how much space is required to comfortably play on each size table with a standard 58-in pool cue:

  • 7-ft table – 13-ft x 16-ft
  • 8-ft table – 13.5-ft x 17-ft
  • 9-ft table – 14-ft x 18-ft

Seven Foot Tables – The Bar Box

The seven-foot pool table is often referred to as the “bar box” because it is the most common size table to see standing in a bar or club. Because there is less space on the table, you will notice that the balls tend to cluster more often. Playing on a seven-foot table means you will have more of these clusters that need to be broken up and games will be a bit more cramped. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing. Many people who started their pool hobby playing on these smaller tables enjoy playing on them because it is what they are used to. These tables are also typically a bit cheaper than the larger tables because they require less material to make. If you have limited space, a seven-footer is a great way to be able to practice your skills from the comfort of your own home.

Eight Foot Tables – The Jack of All Trades

The eight-foot pool table is an excellent middle ground between seven footers and nine footers. Because of the extra space, you will see less clustering than a seven-foot table, and your shots won’t be as long as they would on a nine foot table. Eight-foot tables are also not so big that you have to lean way over them to take shots in the middle of the table. If your space allows for an eight-foot table, we recommend these tables for anyone looking for an all around great pool experience, especially if you’re wanting to play a bit more competitively.

Nine Foot Tables – The “Cadillac” of Pool Tables

The nine-foot pool table is the table to get if you’re serious about playing pool. Nine-foot tables are required for regulation tournaments and are the standard for any sort of serious competitive pool. Because the table is so big, you will have a lot less crowding. This means you will have to take less shots breaking up groups of balls, however because of the extra space, many shots become much more difficult to pull off. We only recommend nine-foot tables to people who really want to get serious about pool.

If you are considering purchasing a nine-foot table, please double check your measurements for the room that the table is going to be in. You want to make sure that you have plenty of room for your cue stick. Even if you want the full experience of a tournament-ready pool table, it’s always better to have a smaller table that fits well than to have a large table that doesn’t have enough room to play the game properly.

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